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How to shop at online store 3D Targets

From the catalog of goods or products using the search select the product that you want to buy.
Selected a product using the cart to place the virtual basket. Repeat until you have everything in your cart. Do your virtual shopping cart by clicking on the icon and bookmark Cart Go to shopping cart. Here you can check if you already have in your cart really everything.

Shopping cart

In the basket neatly in one place to see everything that you put into it - the exact name of goods, availability, number of pieces (you can arbitrarily change) and the price with and without VAT.


You can sign up as: New customer when shopping with us for the first time - just enter your e-mail and proceed in the order.
A registered customer if you are already bought and signed up under your password. Fill in the e-mail and password and continue the order. In case you have forgotten your password, we'll send it to you via e-mail under which you registered.
E-mail is used for all communication regarding your order, so it needs to fill.

Another option is to purchase without registering
purchase without registration requires only the minimum necessary information so that the customer can buy as soon as possible.


In the next phase cart you choose the method of delivery and payment that suits you best. The goods will be delivered to its destination.
Next, fill in your personal, correspondence and delivery information.

In this step the basket, you're choosing a payment method.

Summary and sending orders

Before submitting orders is available to you a complete summary. If all the details are in order, complete the order by pressing Checkout.

By submitting a binding order in the basket begin to process your order. Each sent the order will be confirmed by e-mail at the address specified in the shipping information. Delivery of the e-mail is to conclude a purchase contract. In case the confirmation e-mail you do not receive your order apparently was not properly submitted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or phone +420 777 884 118.